We, the generations who must come together to finish the task of evangelizing the world, came together to worship, connect in purpose, share our stories and dreams, breathe in the air heavy with mission purpose, and accept the challenges of our callings to the regions beyond.

Over 375 of us, people of all ages from 27 states and provinces, met to discover new missions opportunities and affirm connections made on AYC, Next Steps, AIM or other missions-related endeavors. And for the first-time ever, Linked Ministries and Bible College missions clubs also joined the effort, casting a larger vision and sharing various ways to participate and BE VITAL in spreading the Gospel.

Pastor Raymond Woodward came and ministered to us with bread in hand. He taught on the wealth of knowledge [the bread] and how there are those around the world just hungry for any part of the knowledge of truth [the crumbs]. He, along with many other notable speakers, moved in the Spirit to bring anointed and timely messages. Global Missions Director Bruce Howell left us convinced and encouraged to follow the call of God “Nevertheless” our current state or hardships.


Thursday PM
“Apostolic 2.0”
Raymond Woodward

Friday PM
Raymond Woodward

Friday AM
Joe Cooney

Friday AM
Prayer for the Nations
Jerolyn Kelley

Friday AM
“Do You See This?”
Bruce Howell